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Equinety is a 'miracle' supplement that is largely responsible for the full recovery of my amazing partner Albert.  He came up lame in February of 2019 and a trip to  my vet revealed the horror of founder!  He was placed in special shoes and was OK for a few days but suddenly took a turn for the worse and was totally lame. I had been doing research on Equinety and I must admit I was skeptical. But after a conversation with the president of the company I placed the order! Within three days I was seeing results and a week later Albert is walking normal.

How is that even possible?? Equinety has balanced his Amino Acids and that has caused his body to start healing from a Cellular Level.  If you follow my Blog you will become a true believer in this amazing product.  

Standard Poodle Puppies available-utd on shots, health tested parents

Beautiful Standard Poodle Puppies available 

DOB 8/26/19

Beautiful Standard Poodle Puppies available 

DOB 8/26/19

Beautiful Standard Poodle Puppies available 

DOB 8/26/19

Beautiful Standard Poodle Puppies available 

DOB 8/26/19

Unique signs and plaques 

Going (gone) out of Business Sale

Are you a chocolate lover or do you know one?!

What better little ‘surprise’ gifts than this group of ‘approximately’ 3" x 4" hanging signs.

Going (gone) out of Business Sale

This stunning spur candle holder is unique and you will love it when you add it to your Western Decor.

This Spur candleholder measures approximately 

9 1/2” tall x 5” wide at the base

Going (gone) out of Business Sale

If you want to add some adorable decor to ant room, this is so adorable and stylish as well as always getting a laugh!

I have a nice selection to chose from.

They are approximately 15” x 18”

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Our Designer Jewelry

Unique Winchester  45 Auto  earrings  $10.00

Classy 12 Gage Shotgun Shell Earrings


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The Science Behind Equinety The Science Behind Equinety

Equinety Horse XL World’s #1 Horse SupplementEquinety Horse XL is all natural and is specifically designed to enhance the life and the quality of life of your equine partner(s).…

Dollar is our on-line test horse-we can all watch

Dollar day 1 on Equinety 

On April 28th we became owners of this nice big gelding 10 years after we sold him as a 2 year old. Dollar is my 2nd experiment using Equinety. The 1st has been a total success on my big boy Albert, Who foundered in February 2019 because of diabetes. He is now after only 30 days running around the pasture perfectly fine. Woohoo!

More pictures will be posted every two weeks so we can all see how Equinety is working on Dollar.

Does Equinety really work 

We raised Dollar who was out of one of our APHA mares and our AQHA Stallion Sensational To A Te. He was a sold Red Dun therefor we chose to sell him to a young man who was riding for me at the time. Years later he was doing nothing with him except allowing him to be a ‘pasture ornament’ and we are excited to have been given the opportunity to re-purchase him.

Welcome back home Dollar!

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This is Dollar 60 days later on Equinety. He is doing awesome, making a believer out of me.


Dollar had just got a bath in these pictures getting ready for a parade. The color is a bit off but he is truly looking fantastic.

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